HR High Intensity Training (HIT) Program

Many managers and owners of small and medium businesses recognise the need for them to be far more educated about all aspects of people management in the business, but have neither the time nor the finances to undertake formal training in this subject. Now there is a simple and easy way for you to gain all the knowledge you need with minimal time commitment and at a minimal cost through the HR High Intensity Training (HIT) Program.

The program is based around a series of weekly webinars for approximately 45 – 60 minutes each, accompanied by presentation notes and handouts, and you may either sign up for the complete program, or simply pay for and attend those webinars relevant to your needs.

Signing up for the program will allow you to:

    • participate in an intensive 10 week HR course via webinars once a week to educate and train you in all the people aspects of managing your business, or
    • participate in the same course over a longer period, if the weekly commitment is too demanding.

The program outline is shown below.

1 Business HR Environment
2 Job Descriptions
3 HR Policies and Procedures
4 Recruitment
5 Employment
6 Induction
7 Employee Training and Development
8 Performance Management
9 Termination of employment
10 Review of program content and Q&A

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Next HR HIT Session commences February 2018. Dates advised soon.

Contact HR Access for more details and to register for the program.